So you’re in glorious Snowdonia, one of the most gorgeous locations in Wales. You’re packed up, ready to roll, and stride out the door towards the adventurous horizon. Only, it’s raining.

Whether lady luck is in a bad mood today or you have some really negative karma going on, you’re stuck in your caravan or holiday home twiddling your thumbs.

What to do?

Take it all in.

You are in Snowdonia, one of the most breathtakingly beautiful Natural Parks in the world. Soak it all up and just give it a moment for the experience to sink in, and try to capture the moment.


Sketch the area, take some photos, jot everything down in a journal or blog, and make sure that once you leave, you will be taking a large chunk of the journey with you- the memories you make during travel are far more valuable than any souvenir.

Read a book!

The one thing that will never get old is a good story. Granted, stories can be found not just in books; movies, music and even video games can put together deep stories, though books are the most accessible in terms of that.

A really good book is almost criminally hard to put down, and so if you pick up one that you like, chances are that the rain would have been long gone by the time you find the strength to tear yourself away from it.

Plan the next step.

It may be frustrating to be stuck inside during the rain when you have all that beautiful landscape and scenery all around you. However, maybe you can take this chance to get a breather and figure out what you want to do during the next few days.

Going with your gut and adventuring on a whim can be both enjoyable and fulfilling, though sometimes your on the spot plans fall through.


Cook a gourmet meal.

This might seem a bit daft, but think about it. When you are on a vacation, most of the meals you eat are either outside in restaurants or easy to make dinners. Since you generally have more time on your hands now, and it’s not like you’re going anywhere, why not cook a home cooked gourmet meal while on vacation?

Don’t forget your laptop!

Not bringing a laptop during vacation is all but unheard of, but it must be mentioned. You can do loads of things on your laptop to either pass the time or be productive- this is especially true for freelancers, bloggers or journalists.

Why not jump on the gaming scene for a while and play online? Online gaming is not only confined to Call of Duty or World of Warcraft. For gaming on the more casual side,  check out these bingo sites including William Hill bingo site. Who knows, maybe you could win some even during your week off.

Having it rain during your vacation is pretty annoying, but see it as an opportunity within an opportunity. As they say, when life gives you lemons, sell them for a profit.