Ty Gwyn; Ceredigion

Twy Gwyn is is in Ceredigion, which is located somewhere in Mid Wales. If you were looking for some thrilling activities or adrenaline pumping action, you will be pleased to know that you are probably going to end up packing your bags within a day to find a more suitable location.


Ty Gwyn is not the place for a wild night or a crazy day- it is essentially isolated from the noisiness of the rest of the world and what you have is a vast, open field that only ends with a beautiful beach. The integrity of Ty Gwyn as a hidden gem is being kept intact by a very dedicated owner.

Llanthony Priory; Llanthony, Monmouthshire

Originally an Augustinian Priory, it has a somewhat violent and solemn history, as do most old religious buildings tend to. One does wonder.


While breathtaking in its own right, it tends to be overlooked due to Tintern Abbey located right at the South side, as well as being so secluded in the middle the gorgeous but ominous looking (and sounding) Black Mountains. This fortunately means that you will not be wrestling with too many fellow tourists when you come to visit.

I am not sure how one argues what is considered more historical than the other, though I would be certain that the Llanthony Priory would be quite up there.

Knighton; Powys

Knighton is a tiny town located in Powys. The name already suggests something majestic and historical about the small market community, also with the town church building being date back all the way to the 11th century.

If you prefer to come with a purpose, there is an awesome event that would probably not fly over well in the big cities. The Knighton Town Crier Festival happens annually during the month of August, and you will find the good old church surrounded by denizens in full blown costumes, trying to outdo each other in the art of informing people about things in a very loud and commanding way.

Town criers have always been a traditional part of history, and it’s quite fun to see them re-enacted with such enthusiastic crowds.

Llyn y Fan Fach; Brecon Beacons National Park, Carmarthenshire

“Lake of the small beacon-hill” Naturally, with a name like that, there is a legend connected to the lake. Add that to the fact that the only way you will be able to access the area is by footing it, and you have a pretty eerie set up for an exciting vacation shop.

llyn y fach fen

You will have to get there by climbing a couple of hills, from on of whence you will be come across a valley where the lake will be located. One of the best ways to appreciate travel is by soaking up the culture of the location, and legends are deeply ingrained in any and every culture.

Gwern Gof Isaf Farm; Snowdonia

As difficult to approach as it would be for foreigners to say 5 times consecutively, the Gwern Gof Isaf Farm can be found in Snowdonia, at the base of Tryfan.



For those who are familiar with Snowdonia, you should be aware of the mountain to road ratio of the area, and so understand how much less of a crowd there will be here as compared to popular, more easy to access spots. Rough terrain and mountains are yours to conquer with not much people to bother you.