For the true traveller at heart, any excuse to travel will do. In fact, any non-excuse will do just as well because the fun is in the travelling itself, even with all of the organisation and planning that goes with it. There’s perhaps always a case for just booking a ticket with no confirmed plans of exactly where you’re going to lodge and what activities you’re going to engage in at your impromptu destination. That element of mystery is almost completely synonymous with travelling somewhere you’ve never been before, especially if it’s abroad, while the spontaneity that comes with exploring sights and activities without prior planning is just about the only way to enjoy that mystery. There are some times however when travelling without a solid plan feels a bit like you’re going through the motions, but what’s even worse is perhaps being in too much of a leisurely mode and allowing the time you spend away to pass you by, having not had enough of the true traveller’s experience you’re after.

Travelling according to a theme

Themed trips are way more fun than spontaneous ones, quite simply because even the most extensively planned trip always presents an element of spontaneity. Themed trips are also better enjoyed if you’re travelling as part of a group, but travelling as a couple will do as well. Themed trips in a sense force you to get involved, eliminating the risk of your entire holiday passing you by due to one lazy day on the beach turning into an entire trip spent lounging around.

Most of the time the job will already be done for you in that the theme is already picked out, such as going on a friend’s stag or hen do, which will naturally entail many of the traditions associated with those types of outings. If you are indeed looking for some themed-travel inspiration however, you’d have to cast your focus in the direction of some or other major event, or just focus on one main activity. Visiting France for a month-long stay to catch the European Championships is a great example of a football-themed getaway, with lots of other associated activities just waiting to be discovered during the tournament. There’ll be some days when there are no games to catch and if you’re a visiting tourist in a foreign country, you do not want to spend any of your time cooped up in a hotel room watching re-runs and highlights, but in order to keep in the spirit of the trip’s theme, you can look online. Asia’s betting platform M88 Asia will aid in the process of intensifying your interest in the football theme further (if that’s at all possible), because if you have some bets placed on some teams and matches, the outcome of those particular matches will mean so much more for you.

Going to Paris to watch Euro 2016 is a great story to tell, but imagine if it was a story of going to Paris to watch Euro 2016 and getting way more than you bargained for as a result of truly getting into the theme of the trip and placing a winning bet, or two!