Chester, England might not be the most obvious choice for a winter break – the weather will be cold, dreary, grey, rainy and possibly even snowy. However, it’s worth bringing your umbrella and braving the cold because this city has a lot to offer visitors. Here are some of the positives of visiting Chester in the winter:

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

When it snows in Chester this incredibly beautiful historic city turns into a postcard-perfect winter wonderland, with frost sparkling on old-fashioned lampposts and tree branches heavy with snow. It is a simply gorgeous city and when it is dusted with a layer of snow it looks truly magical.

Visit the Chester Christmas Market

From November 19th to December 20th you can shop for gifts and trinkets at the Chester Christmas Market, which is located outside of Chester’s Town Hall. You can find everything here, from giftware to jewellery to clothing to crafts and much more. You can also treat yourself to food and drink from local suppliers. Check out the hustle and bustle of the market and find that perfect gift for your special someone.


Fewer Crowds

Chester is a popular city and in the peak travel season on a summer’s day there can be quite a few crowds in the city centre. When you visit Chester in the winter there will be far fewer visitors at this time of year, which means that you will not need to wait in queues or get stuck in crowds at the biggest attractions. The entire city will be much quieter and easier to get around, which is lovely if you want to enjoy a relaxing city break.

Cheaper Prices

Another advantage of travelling to Chester in the winter is that it is the prices for flights, train tickets, hotels and more will be more affordable in this low season than during the rest of the year. You can get an excellent deal on holiday homes, B&Bs, hotels, camp sites and caravans – especially if you are willing to negotiate a cheaper price. When you are choosing hotels in Chester, don’t be afraid to ask if they can offer you a lower rate for staying out of season.

Cosy Pubs and Tea Shops

On a chilly winter day in Chester there is nothing nicer than enjoying a pint or a hot cup of tea in a cosy historic pub or tea shop. Chester has many historic oak beamed inns and tea houses where you can relax and escape from the cold. You might also want to treat yourself to some hearty winter cuisine, such as a steak and ale pie or a roast dinner.


The Christmas Events

Visiting Chester during the winter season means that you will get to take part in many of the fantastic Christmas events that this city has to offer. Whether you are going to a Christmas party in Chester or a traditional Christmas meal at a pub, there is plenty to enjoy. Chester hosts Kidsmas, which is a family friendly Christmas celebration that little ones will love. It also hosts a Christmas Market every year and a Christmas parade. If you are in Chester and you spot hundreds of people dressed as Santa running through the town centre – that is the Annual Santa Dash to raise money for the Hospice of the Good Shepherd.

During the Christmas season there is also the Latern Magic event at Chester Zoo, which features many beautiful lanterns that light up the winter night. While you are there you can also visit the fruit bat forest and the elephant house.

Friendly and Warm People

Although the weather outside might be chilly, the smiles that you will get from locals will be warm and welcoming. When you visit in the winter it will be outside of the main tourism season, so locals will have more time to chat and show you around.

These are just a few of the reasons why it is fun to visit Chester in the winter. You can plan to enjoy Christmas in Chester or visit in the lead up to the holiday season in order to get yourself in the festive mood. If you are planning a trip, make sure that you check out the options for accommodation and find the best place to stay during your trip.