When traveling it’s easy to forget that there is a network of people out there that love and care about you, who eagerly await information on your whereabouts and wellbeing. Whenever I travel abroad, family members always request regular updates. Sometimes it seems like I’m spending more time sending e-mails and making phone calls than actually traveling. If you’re feeling smothered even when you’re thousands of miles away, there are a few easy tools you can use to keep loved ones well informed and reassured that all is well.

Writing a blog is one of the easiest ways to keep loved ones happily informed. If you write a general purpose blog that provides a few details as to your whereabouts from week to week, you can keep 90% of your loved ones happy in well fell click of the keyboard. Blog updates on the sites you’ve seen, the people you’ve met, and the food you’ve tasted will ensure that your family and friends feel satisfied that you are well and in good spirits. But sometimes a blog isn’t enough.

An online, shareable photo album is the next step in keeping your family and friends feeling like they are as much a part of the experience as you are. Since you’re probably traveling with a digital camera, or at least a phone anyway, you may as well put some photos online so that your friends and family can see what you see.

The ultimate in advertising your whereabouts is a GPS. If you want to give family and friends the feeling of being along for the entire experience, consider hooking a GPS up to your car, which you can get for £20 or less on Ebay right now! This is the ultimate it feeling like you’re really along for every twist and turn. Sometimes including family and friends on your solo trip can be easy, and it’s always worth the effort.