Image by vastateparksstaff used under the Creative Commons License.

Recent years have seen a resurgence in families electing to take domestic camping holidays rather than travelling overseas to enjoy their vacation time. While the reasons behind this trend are many and varied, there can be no denying that more people than ever are taking the traditional route when it comes to going away. If you’re looking to join them and take your own family camping, here are five tips to make the whole experience smoother.

1. Research the Site It might seem like an obvious piece of advice, but not properly researching your destination is a very easy mistake to make. Fortunately, it’s a mistake that’s very easy to avoid; comprehensive resources like The Camping & Caravanning Club offer in-depth information about the highest quality campsites all around the United Kingdom. If you’re in any doubt about the amenities offered (do the pitches have an electric hook-up, for example) then TC&CC should be your first port of call.

2. Plan Plenty of Activities Another relative no-brainer that can, if you’re not careful, turn into a legitimate issue, especially when you’re going away on holiday with the kids, is making sure that your itinerary is packed with exciting things to see and do. The easiest way to avoid boredom is to simply throw yourself into the area that you’re visiting: engage with its heritage, enjoy its culture, and visit all of its major attractions. Holidays can (and especially with young children, should) be educational as well as relaxing.


3. Leave the Electronics at Home Now, don’t get us wrong: we are by no means advocating that you head into the great outdoors armed with nothing more than a tent and a camping stove, but you should definitely use a camping holiday as an opportunity to remind your kids (and even yourselves!) that fulfilling entertainment exists beyond the screens. Make sure you’ve got a (fully-charged!) phone on standby for emergencies, but try not to take it any further than that and you might find the experience surprisingly rewarding.

4. Embrace it Completely “If you’re gonna do it, do it right.” The old adage certainly applies here; the most sure-fire way we know of ensuring an enjoyable camping holiday is to simply give it one hundred and ten percent. If you commit to the trip wholeheartedly, you won’t have to work too hard to have a good time. Treat it as just as much of a celebration as more “traditional” vacations. Get a fire going, crack open that bottle of red wine from Tesco, and just relax!

5. Overpack Finally — and we cannot stress this one enough — if you haven’t taken the kids on a camping trip before, overpacking is vital. There’s nothing worse than being stuck out in the countryside without that one little thing that you so desperately need, so if there is any chance whatsoever that you mightneed it, stick it in. You’ll be thanking us (and yourself) further down the line, we promise.

It may seem simple, but by following these few tips you can make sure you have a fun and exciting camping trip that the whole family will enjoy.