First Time Sea Kayaking Tips

When Alex over at the brilliant outdoors blog, Kayak Critic asked me for my top camping meal suggestions for an article he was putting together, I decided to draw on his area of expertise, and ask him a question of my own.

Kayaking on a sheltered lake is enormous fun and relatively easy and safe for all abilities, but heading out on to the open sea requires some basic skills and extra care to be taken

I’m a keen amateur kayaker, but have never battled tides before. Well used to kayaking on the gentle waters of inland lakes like Bala and Windermere, I have been wanting to give sea kayaking a try for some time now, so Alex was the perfect person to ask for some tips on the subject.

kayaking on a lake

Basic Tips For Your First Sea Kayaking Expedition

Alex has written a fantastic article on sea kayaking, covering everything from the fundamentals of understanding the risks and safety considerations you need to be aware of, right through to what to wear and how to progress.

The tips in this article have given me the confidence I need to head out onto the open sea this summer – read the full article  10 Basic Tips Before You Head Out On Your First Sea Kayaking Expedition.

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