FieldCandy Social Butterfly Tent – Review

We were absolutely delighted to get our hands on a FieldCandy tent for our most recent camping trip. Hardcore campers tend to be a little suspicious of camping gear that looks a bit different, and lets be honest, camping isn’t an area renowned for having high design values – practical and functional is where it’s at. Anything that looks like it is design driven is regarded as being potentially a victim of style of substance, so we were keen to see how a tent from FieldCandy would get on in real life.

FieldCandy Social Butterfly Tent Review

FieldCandy Tent






inner tent

Our Verdict

The packaging is just beautiful, the tent comes in a shiny branded box and even the bag that the tent comes in has the same pattern as the fly sheet. The whole thing is small and light, making it perfect for those who don’t have much storage space or for anyone needing to carry their tent with them.

Putting the tent up was a doddle and it felt well made, sturdy and capable

Detailed instructions are provided, but we only needed a quick glance at the pictures. Putting the frame up was an absolute doddle. With just 3 poles to fit together with sturdy plastic connectors, the frame was up in less than a minute. The inner tent clipped easily and securely to the frame, taking seconds for 2 of us to attach. The beautifully patterned fly sheet followed and took just a couple of minutes to fit over the frame and peg down.

The tent took no more than 5 minutes to put up in total, making it the quickest tent i’ve ever put up (apart from popup tenets of course). There are no guy ropes which helps make it so quick to put up, and means it can fit into small spaces, making it ideal for festivals where space is at a premium. Despite the lack of guy ropes, being on a very exposed, windy coastal campsite, posed no problem at all. The tent felt sturdy and capable from the outset.

The spacious front porch area makes a big difference to the inside space, and gives you somewhere handy to stow things like shoes and bags. We think that it’s the perfect festival tent, and it is ideal for short camping trips, or for people who do not have their own transport and so need a tent that can be easily carried. Social Butterfly is pricey compared to similar sized tents, but you are paying for quality, attention to detail and beautiful design and styling. You won’t be disappointed with this tent and the second it’s up, you’ll feel like a little kid again, excited to dive straight inside it!

What We Loved

  • The tent felt robust, capable and very well made
  • Vibrant and varied design options to reflect your style and personality
  • Very intuitive, quick and easy to put up
  • Small, light and easily portable when packed down
  • The spacious porch area is handy and provides some really useful extra space
  • Easy to put up on your own
  • Decent sleeping space for 2 adults on sleeping mats
  • Made in Britain
  • Some FieldCandy tents can be personalised (how cool is that?!)

Would We Recommend It?

Yes, absolutely!

FieldCandy Social Butterfly Festival Tent Review

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