Cebe Origins Adults Ski Goggles in Lime – Review

Cebe Origins Ski Goggles in Lime
£54.95 from Trekwear

cebe origin goggles review

Technical Features

  • Large fit
  • Category 2 Lens
  • 100% UVA / UVB protection
  • Visible light – 39%
  • Double lens
  • Anti-fog treatment
  • Vent filters in 3D mesh
  • 50 mm strap for a secure fit

Our Verdict

The Cebe Origins Ski Goggles look amazing and despite feeling very big on my face, they fitted well and eliminated the usual small gap I get between my helmet and the top of my goggles. The visibility provided by the goggles is completely unrestricted and provided me with a wider than usual field of vision, so I could see more of the slope.

During our recent trip to Morzine in the French Alps, the conditions were hugely variable. With heavy snow and flat light in the morning followed by clear blue skies and blazing sunshine in the afternoon. Such variable conditions are a real test and make a good all-round lens a must. My Oakley Stockholm goggles have interchangeable lens’ in response to the problem of variable light conditions, but no one takes spare lens up a mountain, so you still end up stuck with one lens depending on what you choose before heading out.


Sticking to a lens that performs well in all lights makes a lot of sense, and at a price of £54.95, the Cebe Origins Ski Goggles did a great job, and were perhaps a little better in bright light than they were in very low, flat light; however visibility on the day I tested them, was low in general due to heavy snowfall, so I think it’s fair to say they are a good all rounder.

The Goggles are big. Out of a group of 11 people, with 8 of us wearing goggles, they were definitely the biggest. This extra size however provided a great field of vision and meant it was possible to wear prescription glasses under them too.


  • Great colour and styling
  • Strong performance in variable light conditions
  • Extra wide angle of vision
  • Big enough to wear prescription glasses under
  • Very little fogging


  • The sides of the goggles were prone to coming unclipped
  • Not brilliant in ultra dull/flat light conditions

Would We Recommend It?

The Cebe Origin goggles look great and are good for their price (£54.95 from Trekwear); the performance of the lens makes them decent all-rounders. They are ideal for those with a larger frame, or who need to wear glasses whilst on the slopes.

cebe origin goggles review


cebe origin goggles review

Thank you to Trekwear who supplied the Cebe goggles for us to field test.

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