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Best Waterfalls in Wales – Discovering the Scenic beauty

The best waterfalls in Wales are found in the breathtaking Brecon Beacons National Park. Meandering through the greenery and stunning valleys of this extraordinary park you will come across breathtaking falls, small lakes and deep gorges. It is possible to spend a full day enjoying the many attractions offered by this park.

Aber debris is one of the seven wonders of Wales. This small valley is well worth exploring. It was one of the chief settlements during medieval times and today one can still see the remains of one of the church spires. You will find a wide variety of wild flowers here so this is a good day out for the whole family.

If you want to see the best waterfalls in the area then you should visit Llanberis. Here you can wander around the beautiful cascades and enjoy the peace and calm of the surroundings. There are also lovely paths leading down to the edge of the Llanberis Gorge where you can admire the fantastic cascades from the top.

In the Bled Cay lookout you can view spectacular waterfalls as well as the sea. This is an ideal setting for viewing the setting sun and the brilliant array of colors that are characteristic of Welsh waterfalls. When you arrive at the bottom of the falls there is a path for walking down to the base. A wonderful area for bird watching, as you sit in the shade of one of the many trees in this little valley.

This is another area that has some wonderful, wild Welsh waterfalls. Argyll and Bute are only about a three mile hike from the parking area, so it is perfect for families with younger children. The hike leads through a beautiful valley that contains several different waterfalls. If you prefer to stay close to the trail head then there is an excellent option for this. You can purchase a direct bus service or take a walk-through tour of the entire valley. Once you reach the base of the falls the next best option for viewing these breathtaking Welsh waterfalls is to book a cabin in the woods right next to them and sit quietly and watch as the water spills over on the rocks below.

This is yet another great hike/bike trail that travels along the Llandabrig Church Waterfall. The trails are not terribly long and wind through a lovely valley filled with wildflowers. It takes about forty-five minutes from the parking area to the falls itself. On a nice day you can be on the bike and waterfall sightseeing ride for two hours before returning to the car park. Hiking this route is definitely a must do when in Llandabrig.

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