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Keeping Your Feet Ready for the Journey

If you’re getting ready to leave the small corner of the UK that is Wales and head out into the big world, you’re going to need some support. Of course, you can stay connected with friends and family relatively easily these days, what with cell phones, the Internet, and various forms of social media. What we’re really talking about is arch and spine support. You’ll want the best footwear money can buy carrying you throughout the globe.

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Nightlife in London

Even for the most reclusive travellers among us who mostly prefer “quieter” activities like sightseeing and the likes, that irreplaceable buzz of the nightlife beckons a bit too strongly to ignore. Continue reading

5 UK Hen Party Destinations You Have to Consider

Planning a hen party can sometimes seem like a bit of an arduous task, as there are so many options to choose from and so many people to appease. So, to help you plan the perfect hen night, here are 5 destinations you should definitely consider.


Wind Street is the place to go if you want a night of non-stop partying, laughter and dancing. You will be spoilt for options as the street is lined with sleek and stylish bars for you all to create wonderful memories in. So, if you want to create a night the bride-to-be will never forget, take her to Swansea. You won’t regret it.


For a city that offers an amazing nightlife, cool bars and wonderful restaurants, it just has to be Liverpool. Not only can you and the girls party in style in the biggest and best clubs in the UK, but you can also celebrate in style at Signature Living, which is a most popular hotel for hen parties in Liverpool. You and your friends can stay together in the same suite, so you can glam up together, party together and sleep in the same location.


There is a reason Blackpool has become a much-loved destination for hen and stag parties. Not only can you ride a rollercoaster in the day, or walk along the beach, but you can enjoy some of the many pubs lined across the golden mile and can even hit an internationally acclaimed showbar that features performances by drag performers and male dancers.


If you’ve ever watched the TV show Geordie Shore, you will know Geordies love to party – which makes the city one of the best places to visit to celebrate a hen’s last night of freedom. The Tyne has so much to offer a hen and her girls, with amazing nightlife, wonderful nightlife and exciting daytime activities.


Not only is Edinburgh one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but it also offers a nightlife you have to experience to believe. The city is also helpfully separated into five areas, so all you have to do is pick your activity and taste and you’ll be spoilt for options.

The key to creating an amazing hen night is to think outside the box. Don’t do the same old hen party plans and opt for a new experience that the bride-to-be and her loved ones will love, whatever their age.

Keeping Loved Ones In the Loop

When traveling it’s easy to forget that there is a network of people out there that love and care about you, who eagerly await information on your whereabouts and wellbeing. Whenever I travel abroad, family members always request regular updates. Sometimes it seems like I’m spending more time sending e-mails and making phone calls than actually traveling. If you’re feeling smothered even when you’re thousands of miles away, there are a few easy tools you can use to keep loved ones well informed and reassured that all is well. Continue reading

Alternative Stag Dos In the UK

Britain is a great place for a stag party, especially if you are into outdoor adventure, rock climbing, canoeing, go-karting or of course – paintball! Continue reading

5 Ways to Make Your Dog’s Life Better

Do you sometimes feel guilty about not giving your dog the time and the attention he deserves? The truth is that most of us worry about this at times. However, the good news is that there are some very simply tips that can let you make your dog’s life a lot better with no hassle at all.

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A Complete Guide to Pet Travel

Pets are a part of our families, so of course many of us want to take them along on our holidays. Every year, tens of millions of animals make journeys with their guardians all over the world. Holiday packages are now being designed around pets and their guardians with sales of items like canine backpacks soaring. The increase in pet travel has also seen numerous major international hotel chains changing their attitudes towards pets by welcoming them into their establishments. Continue reading

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