Britain is a great place for a stag party, especially if you are into outdoor adventure, rock climbing, canoeing, go-karting or of course – paintball!
If you fancy doing something a little different, however, there is a multitude of weird and wacky ways to celebrate an upcoming wedding…

Stuntman Training
If you fancy training as the next 007, or want to test-out a potential career change as Tom Hardy’s stunt double, then stuntman training might be a fantastic option. Try contacting the British Action Academy if this option is of interest.

If you enjoy the idea of being underground, walking through water, sliding down concealed waterfalls and squeezing through tunnels; then caving should be right up your street. One big advantage, at least, is that the bad weather shouldn’t have too much of an impact on proceedings!

Don’t pretend that you don’t know what L.A.R.P. stands for – “Live Action Role Play”

If you are all fans of Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings, then why not!? It will definitely be a memorable experience! Who knows, it might even get adopted by many of the attendees as a new hobby and a great way to get fit.

Whatever type of stag do you decide to have, Mayhem Paintball (based in Essex) have produced a quiz that is great to share with your friends to build up fun and anticipation before the impending night out. If you are the lucky guy getting hitched, then you could get all your friends to complete it, and share their results, so that you know who to be wary of on the night out!
Paintball is a great option for a stag do of course, because it is relatively cheap, amazing fun and action-packed, and it’s pretty easy to stitch-up and torment the stag!

Whether you are the ‘sensible one’ or the ‘bad influence’ in the stag do party, make sure that you have a good time – and, ideally, keep the stag safe and sound!