Do you sometimes feel guilty about not giving your dog the time and the attention he deserves? The truth is that most of us worry about this at times. However, the good news is that there are some very simply tips that can let you make your dog’s life a lot better with no hassle at all.

Play With Him More

Perhaps the simplest way of making your pooch love life again is to spend some more time playing with him? If you go out to work all day then you will see his eager little face as soon as you go through the door when you get home. He will be desperate to play with you every day, especially if he spends a lot of time on his own. It could seem as though there is no simple solution to this, as you might get home tired and not in a mood to play. However, once you get into the habit of doing it you should find that it helps you relax and feel good too. Try setting aside time one day and making the effort to play with him for even 5 or 10 minutes to see how good it makes both of you feel.


Take Him Out for a Ride

Getting in the car with your dog is another great idea, as most pooches love this. You can just go for a ride somewhere or head to the park or even the beach if you have one close. Before doing this don’t forget to look at getting some car boot protectors for dogs to avoid getting stressed about the state of the car. After this is done, you can have a great time in the car together without any worries. If you are going somewhere he is going to get messy then take a towel to clean him up as good as you can before getting back in the car. This approach plus the use of VW boot liners or whatever model suits your car is ideal.

Give Him Healthy Treats

Every dog loves some treats and the right ones can really brighten up his day. Don’t forget that it is important to always choose healthy ones for him. They will avoid him piling on the pounds and some treats can even help to clean his teeth. The use of treats makes it easier to train a dog in a fun and interesting way too. Of course, you will still want to give him his normal, nutritional meals but you should add some spice to his life with snacks that he loves too.


Get Him a Buddy

If your dog spends a lot of time alone in the house then it may be time to get him a buddy. This is a big decision for you to make, as taking care of two dogs is clearly a more difficult task than just having one. If you decide to go for it then you will also want to make sure that you get a dog who is going to get on well with your existing pet. If you get this decision right then he will have a new lease of life when he sees his new buddy arrive. You will be delighted when you see how happy he is to have someone to spend time with when you go out. It also means that you have a couple of dogs to have fun with whenever you want to take them for a drive or go and play.

Go for More Walks Together

Taking your dog for a walk should be a highlight of your day as well as being a great moment in his. Your dog will love going for a walk because in this way he gets to meet other dogs, get some exercise and encounter new sights and smells. You will enjoy it because this is one of the best ways of relaxing and feeling good after a tough day. If you sometimes get home feeling listless and drained of energy then try making a real effort to take him out. It is almost certain to make you feel better and might even help you feel more energy for the rest of the day as well.  This has the potential to be a very special time when you get to go out together and enjoy some fresh air and exercise in a unique type of bonding experience.