Amazing things to do in Wales that you should add to your bucket list:

Have you got a bucket list? In the offices at Wales Tourists Online we’re forever discussing ours.

Some of our goals are outrageously adventurous. Some of our goals are borderline ludicrous. But what we’ve found over the years, when discussing our bucket list dreams down the pub with other people, is that lots of people’s goals involve going overseas or travelling to far flung destinations in order to achieve them. Inevitably this holds them back and stops them from achieving their bucket list goals.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are hundreds of amazing things you can do and achieve in Wales. Below we show you four amazing things to do in Wales this summer:

Get an adrenaline kick by bungee jumping in Chepstow at the National Diving and Activity Centre

Courage, guts, pluck – whatever you call it, you’ll need bags of it to go bungee jumping at the National Diving and Activity Centre in Chepstow.

Take a look at this video to find out whether you’re brave enough to do the bungee jump:

The facts:

The jump: 400ft

Single: £125.00
Tandem (per Jump): £250.00
FAB: £250.00

Dates: 15/08/14, 16/08/14, 17/08/14

If you fancy adding bungee jumping in Wales to your bucket list, you can book your jump here.

Watch the dolphins at Cardigan Bay, Cerdigion

You don’t need to fork out for flights to Florida or jet off to Australia to see dolphins in the wild. Instead you can take a trip to Cardigan Bay. Here you’ll find the UK’s biggest pod of dolphins. It makes for a fantastic day out and is well-worth a visit.

Take a look at the dolphins at Cardigan Bay in this video:

The facts:

Types of dolphin at Cardigan Bay:  Bottlenose dolphins and harbour porpoises.

Places to visit on your trip: Make sure you stop off at the Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre. It’s free and you’ll find plenty of information about the dolphins in the area.

Boat trips: You don’t have to go on a boat trip to see the dolphins, but if you want to go on one you could try the Bay To Remember boat trips or the Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre boat trips.

Go on a terrifying ghost tour at Crag-Y-Nos Castle

If you liked to be spooked you’ll love going on the ghost tour at Crag-Y-Nos Castle. This former geriatrics and tuberculosis hospital is rumoured to have a ‘special aura’ and lots of paranormal activities are reported to have occurred within the castle walls.

Craig y Nos Castle Pen y cae

If you fancy investigating the spirit world and witnessing the spooky goings on first hand, the castle holds lots of different nights and events. You can go on a ghost tour, experience a séance or go on an all-night paranormal investigation.

You can find out more about the ghostly going on at Crag-Y-Nos here, or book your ghost package.

Learn how to make jewellery at Craft In The Bay, Cardiff Bay

Of all the things to do in Wales, this has got to be the most arty of them all! How fantastic would it be to be able to make your own leather jewellery and hair accessories? Whether you wanted to learn in order to make gifts for your friends and family, or to start your own craft business, the skill would always be useful.

If you fancy giving this craft a go, the Craft In The Bay centre in Cardiff Bay have jewellery designer, Tanya Igic, in on the 7th of June for a one-day workshop.

The course promises to teach you: design skills, cutting skills, construction skills, decorative techniques and more.

The facts:

Time: 10:30 – 16:30, 07/06/14

Cost: £60

Materials: Provided