Month: May 2016

Themed Trips are More Fun

For the true traveller at heart, any excuse to travel will do. In fact, any non-excuse will do just as well because the fun is in the travelling itself, even with all of the organisation and planning that goes with it. There’s perhaps always a case for just booking a ticket with no confirmed plans of exactly where you’re going to lodge and what activities you’re going to engage in at your impromptu destination. That element of mystery is almost completely synonymous with travelling somewhere you’ve never been before, especially if it’s abroad, while the spontaneity that comes with exploring sights and activities without prior planning is just about the only way to enjoy that mystery. There are some times however when travelling without a solid plan feels a bit like you’re going through the motions, but what’s even worse is perhaps being in too much of a leisurely mode and allowing the time you spend away to pass you by, having not had enough of the true traveller’s experience you’re after. Continue reading

Getting a True Taste of Continental Europe

I don’t know, I reckon for me island fever is somewhat of a self-fulfilling prophecy in that it only really happens to those who’ve been made aware of something called island fever. I mean sure, Wales is a tiny country comparatively speaking, but if it’s what you grew up with then it’s all you really know, really. And besides, some of us are quite content with small town life and the healthy dose of seclusion that comes with it, along with constantly bumping into familiar faces whenever you decide to wander further than usual. So whenever a bit of island fever hits and going into England doesn’t prove enough to rebalance the scale, continental Europe beckons, but you’ll only really be satisfied if you engage in experiences not readily available locally. Continue reading

Keeping Your Feet Ready for the Journey

If you’re getting ready to leave the small corner of the UK that is Wales and head out into the big world, you’re going to need some support. Of course, you can stay connected with friends and family relatively easily these days, what with cell phones, the Internet, and various forms of social media. What we’re really talking about is arch and spine support. You’ll want the best footwear money can buy carrying you throughout the globe.

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