Month: November 2015

Keeping Loved Ones In the Loop

When traveling it’s easy to forget that there is a network of people out there that love and care about you, who eagerly await information on your whereabouts and wellbeing. Whenever I travel abroad, family members always request regular updates. Sometimes it seems like I’m spending more time sending e-mails and making phone calls than actually traveling. If you’re feeling smothered even when you’re thousands of miles away, there are a few easy tools you can use to keep loved ones well informed and reassured that all is well. Continue reading

Alternative Stag Dos In the UK

Britain is a great place for a stag party, especially if you are into outdoor adventure, rock climbing, canoeing, go-karting or of course – paintball! Continue reading

5 Ways to Make Your Dog’s Life Better

Do you sometimes feel guilty about not giving your dog the time and the attention he deserves? The truth is that most of us worry about this at times. However, the good news is that there are some very simply tips that can let you make your dog’s life a lot better with no hassle at all.

Continue reading