Month: October 2015

A Complete Guide to Pet Travel

Pets are a part of our families, so of course many of us want to take them along on our holidays. Every year, tens of millions of animals make journeys with their guardians all over the world. Holiday packages are now being designed around pets and their guardians with sales of items like canine backpacks soaring. The increase in pet travel has also seen numerous major international hotel chains changing their attitudes towards pets by welcoming them into their establishments. Continue reading

Breathtaking Photographs of Wales

Photographing landscape is always a challenge, because you cannot tell it how to pose, you just have to capture what already exists. Luckily, there are some areas, such as amazing Wales, that are breathtaking no matter how you “stop them in time”. That is the reason why we cannot say there are bad pictures of Wales. Some are just better than others. This country is best known for its soggy weather, sheep, beautiful countryside, and equally fascinating seaside. Wales is the supermodel amongst numerous sceneries and a dream come true for every photographer. The ones that were lucky enough to face their lenses with these landscapes and seascapes have created stunning photographs of sceneries from various perspectives. We are presenting you with the beauty of Wales through the lenses of these five photographers. We present you Wales through the eyes of their cameras. Continue reading